Friday, June 18, 2004

Feeling Lonely?

When a man sets some goals and sets off to pursue them, he is alone. He doesn't like it so he calls some other men to accompany him. For some distinct reasons, none can accompany him, so he is left alone. Desolate and lonely, yet with a fire to Go and a desire to Succeed, he starts off. He hasn't reached far when he hears somebody yelling, "Hey, I am coming with you until our paths don't divert and separate us". Well, what would the man say? He happily agrees, for, they are just a few steps that matter.

(We all are here to walk those few steps for us and then we might cease to be, but Life never ceases. It goes on and will go on until, the Creator, decides otherwise. We must try to walk those two steps of our few steps with someone who wants us or whom we want. We can always take our own path on the crossroad where we take our separate paths to our individual goals.)

While the two were on the way, they were happy but felt there could be more. So, they called up more people to join in. They heard someone saying, "I am already on my way and will join you guys at milestone 'A'. Now there is hope for these guys. Hope to meet this person at milestone 'A' and they have got a short-term goal to reach milestone 'A'.

This is what Life is made of...Short and Long-term goals, Starting-off alone with hope of meeting more people, Going on even when u r alone, with hope...We must never be afraid of starting it, all alone, as looking at your desire to reach your goals, more people would want to join u. I believe, positive attitude attracts. Let's have it.

What do u say? Helloooo!!!! Anybody there? Am I all alone? So what, I hope they would soon join me...


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