Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Kashif and I

After a long time, I woke up early in the morning, today.
Reason: I had to go to Secunderabad Railway Station to see-off Kashif.

Today, Kashif has left Hyderabad for Noida. Something, which brought him here, has taken him to Noida. It's the Career...of course. Well !!! I wish him, the best, throughout the Life.

Looking back at the time we spent together, I find there are many small, not-so-small, big and not-so-big things. It's really tough to get all of them in writing, as most of them can't be described. We can only feel them.

Kashif and I, came to Hyderabad at almost the same time. We studied at the same college and almost the same subjects. We worked for the same company for two and a half years and stayed at the same house for the same duration. But we have been very different in our own ways. Though we had different temperaments yet we went along very well. In other words, I feel that we complimented each other too well. I also feel that we will always remember this part of our lives like Rizal, Razi and I, do remember our days at AMU.

So, Here is a wish for Kashif that he may live life happily, accomplishing all the goals and passing all the milestones, successfully. And…a tribute to our friendship – “Salamat rahe dostana hamara...”


At July 05, 2005 8:42 AM, Anonymous Samira said...

I have been going through your blogs and find much inspiration from what you have composed here.

With regards to this particular blog, I'm in somewhat of a similar situation where I have had to say good-bye to some very close friends because of various different reasons. Departing is difficult, especially when you share between you so many fond memories. But, we will always remain close despite the miles that may seperate us. I hope this is the same for you.

Take care.



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