Friday, June 11, 2004

Life at AMU

Life at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) campus used to be great fun and of late , it has become one of my choicest memory lane.

The campus, with lots of greenery and old n new buildings, is a confluence of architecture and natural beauty. The beauty of AMU campus lies in the peace and pace. Talking about the pace, it is such that no one would be left behind. You can always catch matter where you've been...

Sipping tea at the dhabas( Roadside Cafe) was a compulsory act before and after every important or unimportant activity. People riding bicycles and cycle-rickshaws seemed to be in a little (just a Little) hurry. Looking at this, the pace would automatically be set to RELAX mode.

Local people working in Delhi used to come back on weekends and found the place very soothing but the students or people living around the campus would try to rush back to Aligarh whenever they visited Delhi for any work...

The evenings used to be calm. Slowly, the energy level of resident students would rise up. By that time, it would be around 7 pm. Obviously, the evenings would continue as long as 1 am or 2am.

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