Friday, June 18, 2004

To “My Mom & Dad”

Today is my Mom-Dad’s wedding anniversary. It has been 31 years since they started walking together on the topsy-turvy primrose path. I sometimes think about the feelings people might have about their spouses after being together for 20, 30 or 50 years.

The kind of understanding I share with some of my friends as old as ten years is amazing in itself even though I didn’t spend all these ten years with them. I wonder what we would be like...after this kind of togetherness with our spouses. May God keep us alive and together to experience it ourselves. I believe nobody can understand this until he experiences it, that is, how is it to be with a person for this long time. It also takes me to another thought, like, my Dad has been working with the the same organization for last 25-30 years. Doesn’t he get bored of the monotony, the predictability, and a sense of deja vu?

On second thoughts, I also question our generation. Are we mad and obsessed with change? We don’t want to stay in the same job for more than 2 –3 years. We want to get rid of our vehicles so soon and we want to changes our houses, locality or even cities like our clothes. I know it’s good to change and "Change" is what should always happen to life to keep it going but... Should it be so frequent and so generic that it be applied to all aspects of life?

Unwillingness to change is bad but unwilling to sustain in an environment for sometime is bad too. Isn't it???

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At June 21, 2004 1:37 PM, Blogger riz said...

Dear Qais,
Do wish your mom and dad "happy anniversary" from all of us out here...May the Lord Almighty grant them so many more years of happiness and bliss.
Life is in itself, a countinuous learning process, that lasts all life through . I remember the words that my grandfather had given me many times .Of course it is a well quoted phrase .."grow through life, dont Live through life.."
Sometimes, as children , we used to look at our dads/parents working late through the nights, and going to and coming from office daily, without fail, and think ..when we grow up,we'll be doing the same too..So wahts the big deal in it all?....
But we get to realize the true efforts that have to go behind it,day in and day out,over sch a long period of time, only when we begin to go through that sort of a situation in life....(well, except if you have a hefty bank balance already , and that doesnt happen to the vast majority of us!)
As the years pass by ,we see the pace itself of life, now seems like there used to be a time ,when the pace of life was not quite so hectic as it is now, and there used to be a lot of time to quite sit by the coutyard in the afternoons and have a nice
cup of tea and healthy, friendly used to be quite idyllic then, and it always seemed like there was plenty of time on hand, and so what was the need to rush things around?
Time is something that you cannot get a grip on, no matter how much one keeps chasing it.And as the world around us keeps on sprinting ahead, some like to keep up , and others dont.It all differs on the perceptions and perspectives of how you are willing to approach it.
But for sure, there would come a time in our lives, when we would have to stop to catch a breather,and thats when we stop to analyse and look not further, but behind, at the times that we had spent, and how we had spent them..In most cases today, to to the rapid pace of daily life, many people do realize this quite late,and at such a stage in their lives ,when they cannot change so many things that they would have liked to have been done in a better way..
So my dear friends, let us make it a habit ,once in a while to stop ,and look back, on the paths that we have been taking in life....For then , it always shows as some things that could have been done in a better way, a more productive way....


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