Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Who the Hell iz Riz ?

Two years back, when Riz was leaving India, I was thinking about the nice times we had during his 2-month stay at Hyderabad. He came here to pursue his MCSE and Networking courses err...Actually...he came to have some good time with me, reminiscing the good old past on pretext of training and blah blah blah. We really had a gala time. I used to rush back from Office to a nondescript hostel room where Riz stayed. We went around the streets of Hyderabad, sat by the side of Husain Sagar, watched movies, had Irani chai at most of the Café and tried biryani at most of the popular joints. While doing all these things, we were always in touch with our glorious past stay at AMU.

When Riz was leaving, I was getting the feeling that a chapter has been closed and now we won’t have our never-ending discussions until we meet next. And when would that “next” be? Would it really “be”? This maverick called Riz answered all my queer queries, one by one, over these two years.

When we were parting, we promised to mail each other but I felt that like all other friends or relatives, we would get busy in our lives, slowly. Emails would become smaller and soon we won’t have anything to tell or discuss but I am now forced to abandon these views. All this is because of our exceptionally long emails whenever we get engaged in an email discussion. We think for hours or a day or two and then write emails that would fill mills of pages. The debates and discussions still go on. Who says the emails should be kept short ???


At June 15, 2004 9:35 AM, Blogger riz said...

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At June 15, 2004 10:46 AM, Blogger riz said...

These posts and how it all started........
Ladies & Gentlemen, and dear friends, Good Evening to
you All....(yes, its evening here in Doha, and the time here is 20:29PM, which is GMT+3).
It all started a few days back, when Qais had yet another of his wake up calls , and this time, to start a
blog on the public domain , his latest interest being in writing , which is quite understandable, since he's a quite capable technical writing expert by now...
And cheerfully as ever, i did agree to join him on his discussions, and thats all i did do about that, hoping that he would be quite happily dozing off somewhere, in a nice and cosy place..However, while checking my mails as usual, today evening , i saw a post from qais, that only mentioned about a link to one of his posts here....
Unfortuantely for me, i found out soon that i was the subject of a post on this public domain !!....
Hmm... yet another one of those tricks from the Shahid Hussain school of thought.....So well, thats how this post has ended up...
Qais and I , we are old pals from the AMU , where we we
class mates at +2.And it was almost 2 years ago that we
met again ,in hyderabad , where i had enrolled for some
technical training programmes in some favourite subjects of mine ( Systems Administration & Networking).
We had some nice times there , and in the company of some wonderful guys like Kashif , and his friends there, at 10-5-18A,Masab Tank.
And among other things, we had quite a lot of friendly discussions and talks on a variety of things, some of them being mentioned here, like the Campus Life at AMU,
The 2 schools of thought mentioned here, about The Differing Colours and myriad hues of Life, The experiences it brings along,...etc etc...
I hope this introduction helps, even at the risk of having had to write up such a long intro, and having
to slightly bore my good natured buddies here.
But as Qais says,
"The debates and discussions still go on.So Who says the emails should be kept short ??? "



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