Monday, December 20, 2004

December 2004

I dedicate this post to the twelveth month of the gregorian calendar. For me, this month has brought a lot of things. In fact, it has given me so much in terms of results of my pursuits. The long awaited STC Conference concluded in this month and I was successful in giving a smooth presentation in front of scores of technical writers from all around the country and some corners of the world.

At my office, they were celebrating 9th anniversary of the organisation and there were a lot of cultural events happening. I bagged a runners prize in Essay Writing competition and successfully organized Hindi Antakshari. It was so exciting and fulfilling experience that it gave me the satisfaction I ever wanted.

There are things which i always wanted in my childhood and I think that I got them in this month. They are small things, no doubt... but looking at the happiness they bring, they don't look life small, at all. It was funny but i also participated in a fancy dress competition. I tried my best to portray the great personality of the eighteenth century urdu poet - Mirza Ghalib. I didn't get any prize but even then I was satisfied. I knew i wasn't nervous. I was calm and composed. I knew what i was saying... Having that control is what made me happy..perhaps...

I guess I have discovered something new, within myself. I know this may not make me a perfect actor or a dramatist but it can certainly give me one thing. And that is to actually enjoy doing the things rather than having that 'vicarious' enjoyment which we may get while watching others perform.


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