Thursday, January 06, 2005

2004: The Year that was... ( 1 )

The year that passed gave us all something or took something from us. Well before I get busy in this current year and forget the past, I would love to think a little and pen down some memories of 2004.

To begin with, the year brought me a new job and another job offer which i rejected. The job I took up, is certainly important to me but the job offer i declined actually gave me some good feeling, too.

I had been trying very hard to get a job at a BPO in Noida because of the reason that i could stay close to my family. After almost 3 attempts, I could know that i would not get into this company. It also rasied a few questions in my mind. The obvious one was - Am I not fit for this job? I could answer this question very fittingly when i got through the day long recruitment process of a close competitor organization of the one i was trying to get into. SO, here was it... I got the answer and a favourable one, too...

Now coming to the job i actually took up. It was because of my love for "it". "It" means "Technical Writing" here. This job didn't give all the money i expected but it did give me the job satisfaction resulting from other factors. I learnt and gained confidence. Won friends and made contacts. Went ahead to prove a couple of things. Surprised some people with what i could do. To sum up, it was an year of reckoning in my professional life so far. I would call it as the foundation building year of my career.


At July 24, 2005 3:54 PM, Blogger riz said...

Just wanted to remind myself , that towards the end of 2004, i too was there at hyderabad , to pester you all the while!!
Hope i didnt pull your leg too much then!

At July 24, 2005 10:11 PM, Blogger Qais said...

No Yaar !!! Not much...

Hum ko sataa sake wo zamane mei dum nahiin
Hum logon ko satate hain, log hum ko nahiin

Poetry apart... Yes .. this time you did... You were like - "Meri billi mujh he ko meeaoon"


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