Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A Reunion of Sorts

I will always remember the weekend that came and went so quickly. It was such an eventful weekend as if it was filled with the stuff of a week. Yes, I am talking about the last weekend of August 2005.

One of my best friends was getting married and another one was about to leave for US to pursue MS Finance. Some other good old buddies from our MBA class made it there. All of us were so excited about it and were waiting for the time. But it came and flew so fast. Of course, it left us a spate of wonderful sweet memories.

It was Reetu's wedding and Namita is one who has already left for US. Arshad and Rashmi came up from Bangalore. I must not forget to mention that Maryam bhabhi accompanied Arshad too. Kashif has plans to come but he got engaged with Typhoid. May God bless him with speedy recovery. Among others present were - Hemant and Richa, Mita - Kama and Aishani, Manish Narisetti and some others from Junior batch. Of the juniors, the ones I know, were - Rohit Mehrotra, Manjusha and Anuj Kapoor.

We had a gala time together. The wedding photos and movie are ready. The next day, I spent some quality time with Arshad, Maryam bhabhi and Rashmi. It was when we had lunch at Lasani's and went for a walk around Husain Sagar.

The weekend is over. All of us are back to our mundane things. It feels like I have just paid a visit to my dreamland. But this was worth it... Pray for many more of such visits.


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