Thursday, March 23, 2006

What not to do?

Learning has two aspects. One of them is knowing “what to do” and other one is knowing “what not to do” . Out of these two, the former is limited and focused to some particular area while the latter includes everything excluding what comes under “What to do”.

When we set on a task of learning, we tend to face questions like what to do in order to achieve the objective. If we get distracted and start doing something which doesn’t lead to task accomplishment then we come to know that we did have the right approach. We can get distracted in many ways and at different stages. So, in order to accomplish our objective, we need to stay away from distractions. We need to have the right approach.

To summarize it all, if we know about all the possible distractions and misleading nodes in a task, we can reach our goals faster. Therefore, Learning doesn’t only constitute how and what to do. It also includes what not to do. Thomas Elva Edison, while inventing the light bulb took 999 unsuccessful attempts and got it right in 1000th time. Somebody asked, “How did you feel when you failed 999 times”. He replied to it saying, “I have not failed. I just found 999 ways that didn't work.”

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