Thursday, April 06, 2006

Dearest one on Earth

Well, I do not know if this goes well with the theme of the blog, but this is one poetry I composed long back and always cherish to recall and recite.

But yes, to some extent, it does seek to analyze the role of an important ingredient of our lives. The irony is that this ingredient is the basis of our existence; however, it is slickly forgotten in our everyday lives. If I still sound indistinct, read this:

When the world turned to a rough end;
When clouds of fear belowed the den;
When the "he" within me trembled;
When with its might the world gambled;
When the scorch of sun had its hand;
And I had yet not learnt to stand;
An ocean of love wiped the clouds away;
A tranquil warmth mitigated the day;
It is she, it is she, it is she...
She secluded the clouds of trepidation;
And taught the world of actualization;
She is the unexcidable essence of Eternity;
Her love the sole upkeeper of humanity;
Behold! The world salutes to her worth;
Yes, MOTHER is the dearest one on Earth.


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