Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Chak De - India

Chak De is getting rave reviews from all corners. I got to see the movie, last saturday. Almost throughout the movie, I found myself on the edge of the seat. My review of the movie says:

Chak De is - Thrilling, Exciting, Motivating, Patriotic and Thought-provoking, besides being a throughly entertaining movie. A must-watch movie for all Indians.

Just look at the issues covered in the movie:

  • Team-building
  • Hockey - our almost forgotten 'National' game
  • Indian Women in Sports and their challenges at home and on the ground
  • A celebrated Hero who lost it all in one missed penalty stroke and how he fights back
  • Politics surrounding the Boards and Sports committees
  • Above all , the idea of being one nation, rather than a collection of states and regions.

I tried to list down a few lessons I learnt from the movie. They are:

  • Playing for ONE cause (one country) makes a team.
  • More than one reasons/goals, just gets a few individuals fighting their own team.
  • There might emerge two powerful lobbies lead by two probable leaders. One of them has to give in for the TEAM to WIN.
  • Reciprocating a favour builds trust and strenthens team bonding.
  • A common threat or enemy unites a divided team.
  • An individual's personal reason can affect his/her performace in both ways.
  • Personal challenges encourage people and help them set high goals and accomplish them. Without Team support, no personal challenges can be met.
  • When there is a determination, past failures, and injuries also MOTIVATE to win.
  • When there has been no past, there is all probability of history being written.
  • Lastly, the coach(boss) is always right ;)
Those who have seen the movie already can comment on this post. The rest can go "watch the movie".

~ Qais

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