Friday, February 03, 2012

People who leave a mark

When we get separated from someone dear to us, does their part or role in our life end there?

To answer this question, I would first want to categorize the people in my life into two: One, those who don't matter much and the other who matter a lot. Anyone who touched my life to make a positive difference would always matter to me. Whether they are alive or dead, near or away, they seem to have found a place in my decision-making algorithms.

When it comes to reacting to a situation, we tend to go back to our past and use the historical data to some extent. All those who were a part of those historical events that set my thinking to react in a certain manner are, in a way, with me. They are affecting my life by influencing my decisions. These people could be family members, friends, teachers, colleagues, or bosses. Sometimes, it could be one person you met while traveling and there is little chance you might bump into that person again.

If the interactions or stories of those separated people touched us in any positive way, they become inseparable and we can never write off their part in shaping our lives.

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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Life's biggest Ally

When I think about companions and friends, I notice something very common to most of them. They all get separated from you at one point of time. This separation could either be temporary or permanent. While you move on in your life, you find more companions joining you but there is one companion that you should always have by your side.

Most friendships are two-sided or mutual, that is, there is an effort from both sides to continue the relationship. This means that there is a dependency. Even if you give your best to a relationship, you cannot drag it if the other one is not willing to linger. So obviously, a relationship that can run with just your effort is supposed to be a better deal. Yes, it is...

The companion or the friend for life I am talking about is HOPE. Never lose it... Losing it means giving in to battles of Life. Losing it means giving up the will to Live or begin to betray Life. So, search for a loyal and trustworthy friend, a soulmate, and your "Companion for Life" in Hope.

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